Holiday Gift Guide – Gifts for Family Archivists


The family archivist has gathered a collection of photographs, documents, and artifacts that tell the fascinating tale of your family’s past – here’s some gift ideas to help get all of those treasures organized!

  1. Treat your heirloom ornaments to a special upgrade this season and invest in an archival quality storage box to safeguard your holiday ornaments to pass down to future generations. Lineco Archival Divided Ornament Storage Box
  2. Denise May Levenick’s excellent How to Archive Family Keepsakes: Learn How to Preserve Family Photos, Memorabilia and Genealogy Records is a great guide to how to organize those boxes of family keepsakes that have been waiting in a closet or basement as a future “to-do” project.
  3. Gaylord Archival My Family History Kit is a wonderful place to start organizing your valuable records.
  4.  Scrapbook lovers can use these great 12×12 photo sleeve sheet protectors, which are a great way to fit a lot of photographs in one album.
  5.  Create easy categories for your historic documents with Gaylord Archival Letter-Size File Folders These folders are acid-free, lignin-free, and passed the Photographic Activity Test.
  6. Your family records should ideally be kept in temperature-controlled indoor spaces. But if you don’t yet have the time to organize your papers and they are still sitting in a basement or attic, at the very least grab some weather-tight storage boxes to keep out bugs or water, like this 19 quart IRIS Weathertight Storage Box.
  7.  Savor’s Artwork and School Memories Keepsake Box is an elegant storage system for baby items or childhood school papers. The School Years Edition Keepsake Box has lots of customizable storage options for important childhood memories. The box comes with envelopes and vertical storage for document, plus drawers for small artifacts, with numerous illustrated labels. A great keepsake box!
  8. Have a really big photo project on the horizon? Investing in the incredible Epson FastFoto FF-680W photo printer allows you to autoscan hundreds or thousands of photograph, allowing for custom sizing and file naming to assist in your next digitization project.
  9. Once those photos have been scanned, check out this great source on how to organize and make sense of all your old photos with How to Archive Family Photos: A Step-by-Step Guide to Organize and Share Your Photos Digitally.
  10. Archivist Shirt – for the archivist in your life to let everyone know who puts the “special” in Special Collections!

And stay tuned for some awesome gift ideas for all the history lovers in your life this holiday season!

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