Tack Factory Cemetery, Middleborough, MA

Went a few days ago to the Middleboro town hall to buy three death certificates, of 3 generations, hoping to find the burial site of the Ramsdells. Oswald Jones and his daughter Maria (Jones) Ramsdell’s certificates yielded no burial locations. Her son, Edgar Ramsdell’s, has the cryptic: Burial Place and Location: C-35.

So the clerk gave me access to a big old book that had the Middleborough section of Thatcher’s Old Cemeteries of SE Massachusetts http://www.midlib.org/diglib/digcoll.htm , with a cross-reference to codes for death certificates. Middleborough cemeteries were given numbers, Lakeville one’s letter. “C” corresponded to a “Cemetery on Taunton St., near the Lakeville Line”. Heading home, I checked Lambert’s Guide to MA Cemeteries and found it also known as the Leonard Cemetery or Tack Factory Cemetery (1819), in Middleborough.

Right off of Route 18, and cut off at a dead end by Route 495, Taunton Street on the Middleborough side is short. I’d like to learn more about the history of the Tack Factory itself. A quick google search says that the neighborhood itself is known as Tack Factory, but the only tack factory nearby on the national historic register is in Norwell.

The cemetery is right along the road, and surrounded by houses. A yard sale or party was going on across the street when we pulled up, most likely confusing them when we went instead into the cemetery. It is set higher than the road, with a few stone steps leading up the hill. Currently it is completely overgrown. Grass and weeds were growing as tall as the gravestones. Mostly family plots – I don’t think I saw any solitary names. Leonards, Holloways, Woods, Tinkhams filled the place. There were some tall family obelisks or monuments, and some smaller stones.

The sheer amount of grass throughout the cemetery:

The right side of the cemetery:

The left side of the cemetery:

Leonard and Holloway stones:

Leonards and Drakes:

Holloway stones:

Namesakes of the cemetery – Leonards

My brother trekking through the tall grass:

But alas, no Ramsdells. At least not that we could see through the overgrowth. Are they there with no stones? Are the stones there but buried under grass and bushes? Or was the interpretation of the burial location mistaken? Perhaps I need to buy a few more death certificates of Edgar’s siblings, or perhaps his wife, who died in Hanson. Maybe she was buried with him in Middleboro as well.

6 thoughts on “Tack Factory Cemetery, Middleborough, MA

  1. Lakeville was a part of Middleboro until 1853. Tack Factory Neighborhood included the area along Taunton Street on both sides of Route 18 (Bedford Street) The Tack Factory was located on Taunton Street about a quarter mile west of Route 18. The mill pond can be seen from Taunton Street. In 1700 Thomas Leonard built a forge on this site, after 80 yrs it became a sawmill then before 1868 it became a Tack Factory build by Albert Mason and later owned by George Osborn. Mr. Osborn is buried in the Tack Factory Cemetery. The Tack Factory burned in 1920. (Historical information from History of the Town of Lakeville by Gladys Vigers)

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  4. This is a May, 2012 Posting.I used to live directly accross the street from the Tack Factory Cemetery, that would be from 1948-1962. I never saw a funeral there! Look on http://www.findagrave.com. I found many Ramsdell people, but none in the immediate area of this graveyard. By the way, the mill pond mentioned in the earlier post was also used for ice and a large ice house was there when I lived there.

  5. Look on http://www.findagrave.comThere are many Ramsdell people showing up but none in the immediate area of this graveyard. I used to live accross the street from 1948-1962. Never saw a funeral there! BTW…the mill pond used to be a source of ice and a large ice house was built next to it when I lived there.

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