Richmond Cemetery, Lakeville, MA

The Richmond Cemetery, also known as the North Lakeville Cemetery, is on the corner of Taunton and Cross St. in Lakeville. The oldest stone seems to be from 1821. The cemetery itself is very neat, with some nice plantings and fresh flowers and veteran flags. It seems to be well cared for. The stones are mostly late 19th and early 20th century.

A view from Taunton Street… Richmond, Aldrich stones prominent:

Here are the some of the Richmonds, after which the cemetery is named…

Deacon Benjamin Richmond grave:

Prudence Richmond grave:

D. Frances and Amanda Dunham. Died Feb 7 and 8 1862. Daughters of Barnaba M. and Sarah S. Dunham. “A mother’s love still lingers round thy grave”

Miller family monument:

Benjamin and George Leonard. Both died in South Carolina, a year apart.

Drove down to this cemetery after the visit to the Tack Factory Cemetery, over the town line on Taunton Street in Middleboro.

A view from Cross Street of the cemetery:

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