Make sure to search your attics…

You never know what genealogical treasures you may find!

This lovely photograph was found in a trunk of photographs that my mother-in-law inherited from her aunt. It’s a photograph of Carmela (DiBona) Salvucci (b. 1875) and her first child, Luigi (b. 16 Oct 1898) (he later preferred “Louis” “Lou” or “Gig”). At the time, they resided in San Donato Val di Comino, Province of Frosinone, Italy. The family immigrated to Quincy, Massachusetts in 1910. According to the caption on the back, the photograph was taken circa 1900.

5 thoughts on “Make sure to search your attics…

  1. Hello! I think this is a photo of one of my relatives! My Grandmother’s maiden name was DiBona and she was from San Donato Val Di Comino, Italy. Many of our relatives immigrated to Quincy, MA. What was your Mother-in-law’s name and her Aunt’s name? My Grandmother DiBona married a Fabrizio. My name is Leone.

  2. Hello! Please send me your email address to ofgraveyardsandthings +at+ gmail +dot+ +com+, and I can send you my genealogy for the Salvucci and DiBona families of Quincy. Are you a grandchild of Carmela’s sister “Maria” Palma Mariuccha DiBona and her husband Serafino Fabrizio?

  3. Hi!I'm in the same boat as Cyd Leone,except that I knew "Gig" asmy grandfather's (Gaetano Salvucci)cousin. We also have Sacchetti's in the family. Any sort of "tree" would be helpful (I have a good portion of the Sacchetti tree).Thanks.Jim Salvucci Wollaston (Quincy)

  4. i just wandered on this site by accident, and when i saw this photo I wanted to tell you about this facebook group – dedicated to memories of San Donato Val di Comino – ( the home origin of ALL of my 4 grandparents ) for what it is worth – and if you are someone who uses social media – you may find it interesting.
    It helps to know Italian….but there are a lot of things that you can understand by seeing a photo.
    enjoy ! THIS photo of Carmela (DiBona) Salvucci (b. 1875) and her first child, Luigi (b. 16 Oct 1898) would be a nice addition !
    just sayin’

  5. My family is also from San Donato Val di Comino, Vincenzo Salvucci and his wife Pasquala Rufo, both seem to be only children but it is grand to know more about the families from that area. Thanks.

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