Exploring Brooklyn in Street View of Google Maps

Googlemaps has come out with a wonderful new feature called “Street View”. It allows you to explore neighborhoods visually through photographs. You can click on a spot, then see what it looks like from 360 degrees, and “travel” along the road.

Watch a demo of it here.

There are only a few cities available in this mode, and unfortunately Boston has not yet been added. But I explored New York City and then took a tour over the Brooklyn Bridge into Brooklyn. I’ve always wanted to get to Brooklyn to explore and photograph the large cemeteries in the area, and see the gravestones of some of my New York ancestors. So of course I looked for “Street Views” of roads that run parallel to Brooklyn cemeteries, in order to get a look at them!

Here’s a view of Mt. Olivet Cemetery from Eliot Ave in Brooklyn.
And here’s Linden Hill Cemetery from Metropolitan Ave in Brooklyn.
Here’s Greenwood Cemetery from 23rd St in Brooklyn.

And, of course, the Brooklyn Bridge!

There’s still some bugs to work out with the program, but its a really fun feature to play around with and explore. Check it out!

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