Musings of the blog…

The blog format can serve many purposes, and is ever-evolving. Some post about politics, religion, or a variety of their interests. Blogs can be very personal, or just focused on world events. Recently my father has been writing about his childhood memories . One of my friends simply posts about dreams. My mother, a writer, uses hers for both the pleasure of writing, and also as a useful exercise in writing daily or weekly. My colleagues often use theirs to discuss current events in history, archaeology, museums, cemeteries, or genealogy.

This blog itself is a variety of styles and topics. It has cemetery reviews and cemetery reflections, photographs, some current events related to cemeteries, along with some aspects of genealogy, museums, and history.

Stay tuned for a new feature I will begin to incorporate as well: mini-genealogical biographies. Genealogical research generally takes a great deal of time (and in some sense, is never-ending… a visit to a new archives or library, or discovery of new records can often add great additional information to subjects one has already gathered information about!) But unless I am helping a person find information about an ancestor, or if I am researching for my town USGenWeb sites, I am often left with large stacks of paperwork and even more digital information in my computer, that I incorporate into my personal genealogical files. I always update my personal genealogy with, and a variety of genealogy websites and forums, but using this format can allow for a greater sense of the individual. By writing these mini-biographies, I can help bring to life people from the past and share this information with the online community instead of just having it filed in my library. I hope that you, dear Reader, will find it to be an interesting new feature in this blog.

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