Welcome to Hilton Head, South Carolina!!

Sorry for the lack of postings.. we have returned from our wonderful wedding and relaxing honeymoon! With much unpacking still left to do, here’s a preview of exciting things to come!

Our honeymoon was spent on Hilton Head, a lovely island off the coast of South Carolina, right near the border of Georgia. We spent most of our days exploring the island’s natural and historical sites, did a little shopping along the way, a lot of relaxing with our waterfront view of the harbor and Harbour Town’s famous lighthouse, and took a day trip to Savannah! Since we are both history buffs, we made of point of checking out some really neat places that I will post about here in the blog.. several interesting cemeteries, including a former slave cemetery, the ruins of a plantation and some Civil War forts, and the proliferation of ghost stories on the island!

We saw no alligators, though! But we did see dolphins!

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