St. Mary’s Cemetery, Middleboro, MA

On the way home from the YMCA Jubee and I stopped by St. Mary’s Cemetery in Middleboro. The cemetery is owned by Sacred Heart Catholic Parish in Middleboro. There’s a tidy history of the church and cemetery here.

The cemetery is fairly large and is filled with modern stones, there is a great deal of large granite squares with surnames on the front and smaller individual names and dates etched on the back or on smaller flush stones nearby.

The middle of the cemetery is dominated by a large statue of Jesus:

As a Catholic cemetery, religious symbology is found throughout:

Here are a few interesting stones, one an older simple cross, the other an altar with a broken mirror:

A well-known phrase, but peculiar as an epitaph :
“If you love something, set it free. If it comes back, it is yours. If it doesn’t, it never was.”

To the very modern laser-etched stones, which allow for great detail:

4 thoughts on “St. Mary’s Cemetery, Middleboro, MA

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  3. My genealogy research has led me to believe that my aunt who ran away from home in 1922 because her widowed (Catholic) father married a protestant and who subsequently married an "F. Jameson" is buried in this cemetery. I don't know if she changed her first name, but she reported her marriage to the Boston Archdiocese in 1950. For these reasons, I thoroughly enjoyed seeing photos of the cemetery. Thank you so much for the photos and descriptions.

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