Thomastown Cemetery, Middleborough, MA


The Thomastown Cemetery was formed in 1806. It lies on Purchase Street, near the border of Carver, and is long and rectangular in shape, with a chain-link fence surrounding it. The cemetery is still in use, and has a wide variety of shapes and sizes for the monuments.

The visit was in part to seek further for the Middleboro Ramsdells, to no success.

However, it did boast several stones with one of my favorite symbols:

There are several versions of this symbol, but the most heavy-handed of them always make me smile. The finger pointing above is fairly blunt to begin with, but when a sign is included above the hand, as is the case here with Angeline, that says HEAVEN, it certainly brings home the point.

A few interesting symbols on some children’s stones:
Dove and broken stem flower

A very stark broken stem flower – life cut short

Sleeping lamb figure:

More Middleborough searches to follow…

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