Nemasket Hill Cemetery, Middleborough, MA

Took the kids this afternoon to the Nemasket Hill Cemetery in Middleboro, although we arrived right before dusk and did not get much of a chance to linger.

The cemetery’s oldest stone is from 1662, although it looks like a much more modern rural cemetery, for it has expanded greatly and has long winding pathways around a hilly landscape.

The Nemasket River runs along its back end:

The cemetery holds many of Middleboro’s oldest families, including the Tomsons (more recently called Thompson, who have a street and more named in their honor in Middleboro)

John Thompson’s original grave:

His wife, Mary Cooke’s modern grave, sponsored by her descendants (made to mimick John’s):

The holding tomb:

Overall, the cemetery was very pleasant to look at, and certainly made for leisurely strolling. Old stones are interspersed with new stones, and the cemetery is feels secluded, filled with many trees.

4 thoughts on “Nemasket Hill Cemetery, Middleborough, MA

  1. Gee, thanks for the great summary and pictures. I was planning to go there today or tomorrow (ancestor grave searching) and think it's nice to have an idea of what the place looks like/feels like before traveling the 70 miles or so to get there.

  2. i live on east main st right across from pratt farm i heard that cemetery was haunted tom thubs wife is located their i believe it is a very beutifull cemetery i think i might walk there late tonight with my fiance at 3:00 am to see if its haunted but i dought it i dont really beleive in ghosts never encounted one befor so wish me luck>

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