Center Cemetery, Hanover, MA

A quick review of a jaunt through Center Cemetery today. I went throughout Hanover today helping to take photographs of the Walnut Hill Garden Club’s traffic islands, where they have planted flowers at most of the major intersections. Assigned to some of the ones near the center of town, I also took the opportunity to snag some pictures from the cemetery!

Hanover was granted the land for the cemetery here in 1727 from Scituate, its mother town. It remains to this day the main cemetery for the town.

From the “History of Hanover”, here is an old photograph of the cemetery:

Here is a modern view from Silver and Main Street:

Here is the view of the cemetery from Main and Center St, with a view of the tombs:

And while I was walking through the cemetery, I snapped one of my favorite photographs. The landscape and Congo church in the background look so striking:

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