Lakenham Cemetery, Carver, MA

The oldest stone from Lakenham Cemetery is 1718. Although Carver is right next to Plymouth, it was not widely settled into later years of Plymouth Colony. Very marshy, it now serves as a vast harvest of cranberry bogs. Back then, its marshes were appreciated, enough so to be purchased in large plots by Plymouth families, but for the most part they kept their live-in residences within Plymouth limits.

Being bordered closely to Plympton, Lakenham Cemetery also contains a large number of stones carved by Ebenezer Soule (of Plympton) and his sons in the 1700s. The Medusa heads in various forms are found frequently in Lakenham’s rows of graves. Here are several examples:

There is also a good genealogy site with some pictures from the cemetery.

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  1. Id like to shed new light about the settlement of Carver… It was first settled in 1637,, Thats not too far off from the Pilgrims,,17 years,, Carver was Plympton (Now north of Carver) until they split in 1790,,Plympton was the 1st land grant by the King for a settlement outside Plymouth colony,,Which is in the territory that is now Carver,,Carver’s founderys supplied cannon balls for the Revolution against Britain…So Carver has been here since the get go..I love the page and I think its great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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