Mini-Genealogical Biography of Erastus W. Everson

Erastus W. Everson (1837-1897) Erastus W. Everson was the eldest child of William F. Everson and his wife, Salome B. Crocker. He was born about 1837 probably in Hanson, MA. Three years later, his brother Frederic O. Everson was born, followed by his sister Sylvania Everson. They grew up on Pleasant Street in Hanson. In 1850, at the age of 13, Erastus was living in Hanson with his family, and a 17 year old servant (or boarder) named Fidelia Hunt. He and his siblings were attending one of the small schoolhouses in South Hanson. Next door to them, extended Everson … Continue reading Mini-Genealogical Biography of Erastus W. Everson

Howland Cemetery, Hanson, MA

Every summer I explore this cemetery, as it is on my aunt’s property, and never ceases ceases to captivate. I also try to photograph it each summer, keeping records over time of the state of the stones. Per the advice and sharp eye of my Aunt Maria, we uncovered a broken headstone in the small Howland plot so that I could photograph it. Fending off the swarms of mosquitoes, I took several good photographs of it before reburying it, in attempts to longer preserve the stone from thieving hands. Several stones have disappeared over the years, with visitors to the … Continue reading Howland Cemetery, Hanson, MA

Munroe Cemetery, Hanson, MA

After trekking to the Stetson Cemetery down by the Hanson airport, I made my way down a long graveled driveway to a group of houses, set back from Route 27, near the Great Cedar Swamp. Sitting in the “front yard” of these houses rests Hanson’s oldest cemetery, the Munroe cemetery. The cemetery was first made on the land of Henry Munroe Sr. for his wife Hannah, and two of his children, Bennett and Mercy, all who died in December of 1759 of smallpox. Hannah, dau. of Henry Josselyn and wife of Henry Monroe, died of Small Pox, Dec. 20, 1759, … Continue reading Munroe Cemetery, Hanson, MA

Stetson Cemetery, Hanson, MA

No longer found upon modern-day maps, this forgotten cemetery on the border of Hanson, Pembroke, and Halifax had become my Holy Grail during the past year. I came upon a document from the late 1800s detailing it’s location and also found a map from 1879 which had it’s location marked. For photographs and more info, see my USGenWeb Hanson cemeteries page. Armed with lots of bug-spray and long sleeves, my mother (an avid supporter of these graveyard wanderings, one of the blesssed few to be enthusiastic about such ventures!) and I trekked down past the railroad tracks, cranberry bogs and … Continue reading Stetson Cemetery, Hanson, MA

Howland Smallpox Cemetery, Hanson, MA

My family owns a portion of land along Maquan Pond, which has been owned by the family for many generations. In the 1800s it used to be a combination farmland and unusable bogs. For a time it belonged to the Howland family, and their farm was not far from the pond. An isolated uprising of smallpox hit the town in the mid 1800s, and Lewis Howland and his family were affected. Lewis Howland was a furnaceman, and he was the son of Warren and Peddy Howland. He was born 31 MAR 1806 in Pembroke, MA (which was soon to become … Continue reading Howland Smallpox Cemetery, Hanson, MA

Hobart Cemetery Epitaphs

Here are the epitaphs of the graves I could read in the Hobart Cemetery. Some are exact transcriptions with accurate language, however, with the interruption of the sheriff’s department, most are just the pertinent dates on the stones along with the names. Hopefully I will have the time to come back later and more accurately transcribe the stones. The first burial upon this hill was: DRUSILLA HOBARTdaughter of Thomas and Janewho died March 3 1793aged 16 years 11 months“Here lies a corpse both cold and __The first inter’d upon this hillIn her 17th year God saw it bef(it)The fate of … Continue reading Hobart Cemetery Epitaphs

Hobart Cemetery, Hanson, MA

Today I ventured out to a abandoned little-known cemetery in Hanson, MA, the “Hobart Cemetery”. My father had mentioned its location to me, and I had seen several passing references to it in my readings. When I headed out early in the morning, it was pouring, but I was looking forward to the adventure of trekking out into the woods and finding it’s location, not worried too much about the fact that taking decent photos would be impossible. After a few errands and a half hour drive, the rain had lessened to a drizzle, but I was still glad I … Continue reading Hobart Cemetery, Hanson, MA