Jennings Hill Cemetery (Japan Cemetery), East Bridgewater, MA

The sun had almost set as we reached Jennings Hill Cemetery, also known as Japan Cemetery, which boasts a cannon which is placed by the cemetery sign. This cemetery is bordered by High St and Plain St. Surrounded by a stone wall, the cemetery itself is elevated above the road, the land here once owned by the Jenning family, after which the hill (and subsequently the cemetery) and a small stream nearby was named. I have been unable to locate the significance behind the other name – “Japan” cemetery. While Bridgewater does have neighborhoods such as Scotland named for the … Continue reading Jennings Hill Cemetery (Japan Cemetery), East Bridgewater, MA

Vernon St. Cemetery (Alden Cemetery), Bridgewater, MA

The Alden Cemetery on Vernon Street is Bridgewater’s second oldest cemetery, although the majority of stones from the 1700s are unmarked. Most of the gravestones, therefore, are from the 19th century. Latham’s book provides an incredible view into what the land must have been like at the time. Located in Titicut, a former Native American settlement, Bethia Fobes was the first white child born in this area. With just a few houses far and few between, the land where the cemetery is must have filled very slowly at first, for it was not physically close to many settlers in the … Continue reading Vernon St. Cemetery (Alden Cemetery), Bridgewater, MA

Keith Cemetery (South St. Cemetery), Bridgewater, MA

First stop along the way was the South Street Cemetery, also known as the Keith Cemetery, is a fine example of older New England cemeteries. A round driveway cuts through it. The oldest burial seems to be from 1756, as Joseph Harvey’s epitaph states he was the first to be buried in the cemetery. In memory of Mr. Joseph Harvey, 2d,who died Feb. 21, 1756,in ye 36th year of his age;being ye first person buried here. And also in memory of Mr. Seth Harvey, his son,who died at New York, July 25, in ye 24th year of his age, 1776,in … Continue reading Keith Cemetery (South St. Cemetery), Bridgewater, MA

Bridgewater Cemeteries

Decided to spend a day out of my Thanksgiving weekend taking a tour of some of the Bridgewater cemeteries. The great folks who submit to the USGenWeb Bridgewater site such as Dale Cook and Arthur Richardson have a superb cemetery section, and they were in need of a few photographs for some of the graveyards, so I brought along my camera and drove about the town. Here’s a summary of the cemeteries visited along the way. Continue reading Bridgewater Cemeteries

Swan Point Cemetery, Providence, RI

Providence’s beautiful garden cemetery, Swan Point still inspires and is accessible to “leisure uses” that it was designed for – although not so many as there once were! Security guards constantly buzz about to make certain you don’t get TOO leisurely! No blading, biking, animals, no faster pace than a “brisk walk”, beverages and food items are frowned upon. It’s no longer the place to bring the family and dog to have a picnic or a jog through – but still magnificent nevertheless. Swan Point was founded by Thomas Hartshorn in 1846, arising from the “vivid intellectual community composed predominately … Continue reading Swan Point Cemetery, Providence, RI