Happy Halloween!

My most favorite holiday, as you surely must be able to guess. In honor of this day of terror, hauntings, and (yum) candy, I present to you this article from the Providence Journal on gravestones, which even includes an interview with Professor Robert Emlen, Brown University’s curator, and my current professor for the class “Gravestones and Burial Grounds”. What a perfect fit! ———————————————————————-DEAD MEN MAY TELL NO TALES, BUT THEY STILL HAVE PLENTY TO SAYSunday, October 31, 2004LAURA MEADE KIRK Journal staff Writerhttp://www.projo.com “As you pass by pray cast an eyeAs you are now so once was IAs I am … Continue reading Happy Halloween!

St. John’s Churchyard (formerly King’s Churchyard), Providence, RI

King’s Church was founded in Providence, RI in 1723. During the American Revolution it’s name was changed to St. John’s (no need for English loyalty anymore!), and the current church structure was built in 1809. I love this churchyard, tucked away down a brick path along the historic houses of Benefit St. – if you are unaware of it’s existence, it is easy to stroll past it without even recognizing it. Stepping into the yard, you are taken back in history – it is easy to imagine Poe courting his love, Helen, who lived in a house just beside the … Continue reading St. John’s Churchyard (formerly King’s Churchyard), Providence, RI